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Over the course of 50 years we have developed many products and spares for the products for the same.

The K600 two stage series

With the introduction of integral two stage pumps this product has been discontinued however spares are available on special request.

KS800 series

These are plate type Siemens design pumps. Owing to the advantages of cone type design we no longer promote this product however spares and service are available on special request.
Other discontinued/older products. HV series equivalent to Nash hytor series
KSC series equivalent to Nash SC series

We make spare parts for the following series

    • NASH CL series (CL 200,CL 400, CL 700, CL1000, CL2000, CL 4000, CL 6000, CL 9000) which is equivalent to our KV series.
    • NASH 904 series. ( 904 L, 904 M ,904 P, 904 R, 904 S, 904 T)
    • NASH premier series equivalent to our KEN series.
    • NASH TC series equivalent to out KTS series.
    • NASH XL series.
    • NASH hytor series.

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