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KAKATI has been manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps since 50 years and we have been constantly upgrading our designs. An upgrade to our KV series, these pumps can run with wide range of operating speeds. This enables the user to save energy by running the pumps at lower speeds. It also provides a wide margin for future capacity increase by running the pump at higher operating speeds.

These pumps are available in 8 models and can handle excess liquid carryover without much difficulty. These pumps can be used in many applications like textile, mining, paper, sugar, tobacco, food, and other process industries.

These K- Series Vacuum Pumps have been designed for easy dismantling and overhauling to facilitate quick service. Like all KAKATI Vacuum Pumps, the K-Series Vacuum Pumps require very little care or maintenance in most applications.

    • Vacuum Range ----- 0-27+ in Hg vac/ to 100 mbar abs.
    • Differential pressure capability ----- 15 psi/ 1 bar.
    • Compressor pressure ----- 15 psig/ 2 bar abs.
    • Standard Construction Material ----- Cast iron, Stainless Steel.

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